Terrain Ten

Terrain Ten

The Terrain Ten™ concept was born out of years of clinical practice revealing the most common patterns found to impact the disease/health continuum. We all have at least a few of these demanding our attention. Optimal Terrain™, through intense exploration, helps you discover, assess, and address your personal obstacles to overcome in order to achieve optimal health.

Genetics and Epigenetics

Genetics and Epigenetics refers to your “blue print” that you were born with that responds to any changes in the internal or external environment from food, thought, chemicals, stressors, injury, trauma, medications, nutrient deficiencies, etc. Finding out your inborn hiccups, allows us to rearrange the furniture in your inner home, so you are more efficient, protected, and able to ward off chronic illness

Blood Sugar Balance

Blood Sugar Balance is key to keeping your motor humming along without damage to organs, weakened immune function, promotion of growth factors, and rendering other treatments such as radiation, PARP inhibitors, or Aromatase Inhibitors less effective, if not useless.  Having the proper gasoline in the engine is key to blood sugar metabolism and the metabolism of the cancer cell

Toxic Burden

Toxic Burden shows the cumulative effects of living on a toxic planet. It is not a matter of IF you have a toxic load; it is a matter of how much. So, removing and avoiding as many assaults as possible will take the load off your body trying to process the exposures, allowing more energy for healing

Microbiome and Digestive Function

Microbiome and Digestive Function is the basis of many ancient medical models like Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.  Even Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, stated that “Disease begins in the gut”—the evidence is stacking up showing this to be true.  We can’t absorb and utilize many of our important healing nutrients without a proper balance of micro organisms in our GI tract along with a properly functioning gut lining that keeps the good stuff in and rids the body of the bad stuff

Immune Function

Immune Function was long ignored in the medical community and now it is all the rage in research and cancer treatment.  Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery do a fine job at removing the tumor, however, the remaining cells can only be treated by a properly functioning immune system.  An intact immune system is your greatest defense to progression and recurrence of disease and is your key to prevention


Inflammation is the driving force in many disease processes of modern times and is stimulated by things mentioned here like sugar and stress.  Inflammation is not a deficiency of NSAIDS, rather a complex response to an overwhelmed terrain and the driver for most progression of disease

Blood Circulation and Angiogenesis

Blood Circulation and Angiogenesis refer to patterns of flow or stagnation of the blood whether it is from the pumping of the heart, to the clotting tendencies driven by wrongful diet, dehydration, lack of movement, inflammation, stress, and the altered liver function that cancer creates, impacting blood viscosity, oxygenation and blood vessel growth

Hormone Balance

Hormone Balance is a challenge now that we live in a swimming pool of exogenous xenoestrogens and estrogen mimicking substances that are pervasive in our food, water, body care products, industrial chemicals and plastics, etc.  Everything from glyphosate (RoundUp) to the coating on receipts floods the body with dangerous types of estrogen. Only in recent times (over the last 70 years) we have also added to the pool exogenous hormone treatment like steroids, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy and eating the animals treated with hormones—flooding our receptor sites and sending mixed signals throughout the body

Stress and Biorhythms

Stress and Biorhythms are the cycles of sleep, day and night, seasons, moon cycles, etc.  It is only in more recent times that we have drastically changed these with blue light exposure, screen time, night shift work under bright lights, nature deficit disorder (a real thing!), medications, over doing, overworking, loss of connection to the natural rhythm of the world around you. Many studies show this to be implicated in a number of conditions, including cancer as even our cells have a circadian clock and know when we are living out of sync with nature

Mental and Emotional Health

Mental and Emotional Health is probably the most under-emphasized of the Terrain TenTM.  Our thoughts impact our response to any situation.  We are what we think.  The field of psychoneuroimmunology shows direct link between our psychosocial wellbeing and our ability to ward off infection and disease

What this means for you

We at Optimal TerrainTM liken this to a topographical map of sorts—showing us the hills and valleys that are unique to any region, in this case—YOU.  Another way to understand the interconnectedness of how these Terrain TenTM interact with one another is the concept of a tree:  the canopy is your epigenetics, the soil, your microbiome, the trunk, your mental/emotional health and the remaining patterns listed above; the branches.

Plucking a single leaf off one limb sends signals through the whole tree.  Tending to the soil with proper food and water will nourish the trunk, branches and leaves while the sunshine drenches its goodness into the chlorophyll of the leaves, signaling hundreds of thousands of chemical messengers to tell the tree when to grow, when to go dormant, when to brace against disease or damage, etc.  If one branch is injured, the whole tree suffers.

Let us help you navigate your terrain and bring balance back to your whole system.