Client Consult

Client Consult

Optimal Terrain is a client driven healthcare consulting service who understands that the cancer diagnosis may be overwhelming. We lighten your load by partnering with you and your healthcare team in your journey to optimal health. We recognize you as more than your cancer diagnosis.

New Client Consult

Our job, at OTC, is to provide a “no stone left unturned” approach. By taking a thorough assessment of your health journey, which includes your history, diagnostic testing, and additional individual factors, your Personal Guide to Optimal Health is created. This guide serves to harmonize all the pieces of your care into one, in the creation of your guide and with the ultimate purpose of helping you to regain your health. This involves not only uncovering the root of the disease process, providing an expert lab analysis and interpretation, supplementing the dialogue between you and your healthcare practitioner, focusing on cutting edge research, education and the application of metabolic, cytotoxic, mitochondrial, and immune centric oncology approaches, and most importantly- recognizing you, as more than a cancer diagnosis but instead, as a person. A new client consult serves to guide your optimal health and help you to achieve it. This is client centered care.

Follow-Up Consult

Optimal Terrain Follow-up consults serve to further elucidate and clarify terrain patterns. With the knowledge of your foundational terrain imbalances, we work to “fine-tune” any areas needing balance. These consults serve to propagate greater health, define additional resources/health care choices, and most importantly, refine terrain optimization. While we recommend follow-up consults every 3 months, these can be scheduled as often as needed.

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Disclaimer for Pediatric Consultation:
As a Consultant, Dr. Nasha Winters of Optimal Terrain Consulting does NOT diagnose or treat disease.  Please refer to the comparison of Consultant versus Doctor on our website here for more details of what defines a Consultant. It is the sole responsibility of the parent of a child under 18 to consult with their primary care physician and/or oncologist before considering and/or implementing ANY of Dr. Nasha Winters observations and recommendations.  The consultation with Dr. Winters and Optimal Terrain does NOT replace medical advice. For patients under the age of 18, Dr. Winters would require a written agreement from the primary care and/or oncologist that the primary care and/or oncologist are aware the child and the child’s family are seeking consultation with Dr. Winters and that Dr. Winters is simply offering educational support. Pediatric clients are required to have a primary care doctor and/or oncologist in order to seek evaluation and consultation with Dr. Nasha Winters and Optimal Terrain Consulting.